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Arma 3 Units web service: authenticate users with Steam API instead of Bohemia account
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I'd suggest authenticating users with Steam API (link & more info below) instead of Bohemia account.

Why should users be authenticated via Steam instead of Bohemia account?

  • Every Arma 3 owner has Steam account
  • Only few Arma 3 owners from playerbase have Bohemia account
  • So many services require their own personal accounts nowadays which is super annoying and decreases the interest of users drastically – using convenient way to authenticate users would be a major advantage to make the service more popular


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You could still keep the Bohemia account integration, but make it optional and the Steam credentials obligatory instead so you could gain the benefits of both 100 % coverage of Steam account of Arma 3 users and extra services of Bohemia account.

Steam API documentation:

You can even require Arma 3 ownership of authenticated account with the API request functionality!

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Thank you for the suggestion. We are definitely planning to add suppport for third party login/registration into the Bohemia Account system.