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[Feature request] Arma 3 Launcher needs a method of checking inter-mod dependencies before launching
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There are a number of mods that require other mods in order to run correctly or at all. This requirement is mostly due to shared assets between the mods in question.

However as things stand right now - it is possible to launch A3 with a set of mods loaded but with one crucial one missing or not activated.

There needs to be a method whereby the Launcher will warn the user that a mod dependency exists and that a required mod is missing - and that if A3 is started this missing mod will stop the editor or scenarios working correctly or at all if assets are used that require the aforementioned mod.


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Current Example: The CUP project

The CUP vehicles mod requires CUP weapons and CUP units in order to run.
Failure to enable either CUP weapons or units will result in an error message in the editor and no scenario that uses CUP vehicles will be able to run.

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