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Ai flying behaviour
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Why is it that Ai will never break combat or engages into combat when I'm simply trying to have them travel to a point on the map. Using "SAFE" or "disengage" or even "no target" has no effect on AI.
I've seen my AI attempt to FFAR a MRAP with a hummingbird!!!! instead of flying over to my position and landing for extraction.

As for fix wings....AI should not fly at 30m off the ground in F/A-18 when I'm trying to make him do a LGB run!(always results in him crashing in a mountain or a building.)

Using "DANGER","AWARE" or even "SAFE" for AI while flying should also control their height. (I'm reminded of RHS RAH-66 in ArmA. You could set AI's altitude by +/- 5M thru ur number "6" option)


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For simple travel I suggest behaviour 'CARELESS'.

The F18 is a mod, so BIS won't look at that. Please provide an example with a Vanilla aircraft.

You can use the script command flyInHeight to force certain altitude if it isn't fixed.