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Auto Throttle Advanced Flight Model
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Hello there,

My request is to add to the advanced flight model options an option that allows to enable/disable the auto throttle present when the advanced flight model is disabled.

Whithout the AFM when we release the key to give or reduce engine power the heli stays at its altitude. With the AFM we're forced to be in the exact point of stationnary engine power, and its hell of a pain with a keyboard. Definitly for a joystick or such.

I really love the efforts put by the devs in the AFM but I can't use it because of this feature that I can't disable, with the vortex ring state of course.

I would be glad if we could enable the auto stationnary option with the rest of the AFM features (and disable the vortex ring state), because adjusting engine power with a keyboard is really impossible, and its not very reactive, it starts to decrease or increase after 1 second of pressing the key.

Thanks a lot this would be really cool.


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