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Attached objects always fly off when using "Open Parachute"
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Attaching any item to a soldier whilst on the ground is fine, although slightly delayed to actually attach (may be part of the issue). However any attached objects (ie chemlights, demo charges) that are attached using attachTo will fly off as soon as you open your parachute. These cannot be added back on during descent as they all fail to "stick" to the player and can be seen as static objects where they spawned in.

This has been tested repeatedly over 40 times today with :
a) descent from 50000m and repeated testing with debug console
b) mission restarts
c) sqf code


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Add a chemlight or other object anywhere on a player whilst on the ground using attachTo command.
  2. Initiate a halo jump from flag pole
  3. Watch the descent while chute is not open - objects remain attached
  4. Deploy chute (Open Parachute)
  5. Watch all objects remain static at the point of chute deployment and disappear behind you.
Additional Information

May also affect rope attachment to player, although cannot confirm at this time

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This is the same with all the vehicles, attached to player items do not follow player when he gets into a vehicle but re-attach when he exits. Parachute is a vehicle.