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30mm HE rounds underpowered
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Try to take for exemple a Gorgon in the virtual arsenal, equip the entities AI with the strongest plate carrier ( carrier special rig ), then take the gunner's place in your gorgon and start shooting some explosive 30mm shells at the feet of the small group of 9 AI at the right.
It took me for the ones standing up about 6 shots to take them down.
I'm not even telling you how many rounds you have to fire if you're not exactly on them or at their feet.

First : The blast radius of the 30mm shells are ridiculus, same for the 20mm of the blackfoot, and I haven't tested the others.

Second : The percentage of armor of the plate carrier shouldn't influence that much the damage of hell 30mm explosive shells, it should at least two-shot anyone in a radius of 5 meters, plate carrier or not. That's explosive shells, not water ballons.

While i'm at it there's another problem with headgear.
I don't know if the bug comes from the weapon or the helmet but if you take a 5.56 weapon ( TRG or mk20 ) in the virtual arsenal and try to headshot an entity who wears an armored helmet, you'll see that even if you avoid the hitbox of the helmet, that you can't headshot them, even if you're shooting right in their eyes.

Maybe this one is a bug of the virtual arsenal, but the first one was tested on a server, I've spawned a group of combat life savers wearing the carrier rig, i was shooting them with a 30mm gorgon and there were like " deal with it " and running like nothing was happening.

Well that's it the power of the explosive shells and/or the resistance of the body armor against different projectiles should be reviewed.

And the hitboxs of the helmets or the head too, sometimes i'm shooting at the throat and no one shot. Another one : if you shoot an AI that's facing your right or your left, the bullet should pierce his arm to hit his heart, and one shot him too, still, it take about 4 bullets to take him down even if his bogy turns yellow which proves that the bullet hit somewhat his heart or lungs.


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Editor mod / Server / virtual arsenal for the explosives shells, equip a huge plate carrier on you and the entities will have the same, shoot at them with 30mm HE rounds / 20mm, whatever. Incredible resistance.

Virtual Arsenal for the Helmet/Headshot problem, still I think that's only a virtual arsenal bug, but i'm not sure.

Again editor / server / VA for the heart/lungs shot problem, when the bullet is not hitting against the armor and should pierce his arm to finish in the body, deadly shot.

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