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Removal of commanding mode binding
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Since the commanding mode binding has now been removed from the control bindings can you please allow the 'select all' command to also appear and show the supports option when you have no subordinates.

This was the main reason i used commanding mode over select all.

I agree the binding had little use now due to how commanding mode and select all basically done exactly the same. Except for this one IMO major thing, support menu when no subordinates.

I can understand why it was removed but it did allow the option of quick access to the supports menu. The 'select all' binding does not, unless you have subordinates under your control.

Although it is still possible to bind a key to this action through manually changing the .Arma3Profile file i dread the day it is eventually totally removed as its now basically unsupported.

As they both do the same thing it would be nice if the current select all was depreciated and the old commanding mode would become the new select all so this behaviour is not lost.


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In case you were not using this command before, it is still available through the .Arma3Profile file. Adding keyForceCommandingMode[]={57}; will enable it on the spacebar.

Open a new editor session and place the player and preview.
Press commanding mode (^space) you will notice you have access to supports.
Press 'Select all' nothing, no menu at all as you have no subordinates.

Go back to the editor and place a subordinate for the player and preview.
Press 'Select all', you now have access to supports.
Press Space and you will notice it has exactly the same functionality other than this one behaviour.

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I found your ticket as I notice the disappearance of the "quick response" initially bound to [~] key.

As you said this binding was removed in spotrep #0047 with the comment:

Removed: "Command mode" action from controls as it was redundant and offered exactly the same functionality as the "Select all units" action

But it also removed the "quick response" feature describe in the field manual in section "command/quick
response" which is hence no longer valid.

Related ticket:

Thanks to some folks, this binding can be restored by setting



C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YourArmaName\YourArmaName.Arma3Profile

But as Larrow tells in his ticket #0026346, this control may disappear in a future version...

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