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Servers with more than ~ 125 players show 0 players connected
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Servers with more than ~ 125 players show that there are 0 players connected:

According to steam protocol, the number of player is encoded in a byte (0 - 255).
So i guess that you store the result of the request in a signed char (-128 - 127) so servers with more than 127 players show 0 players.

Gametracker is able to show the real number of players so the problem is not in the reply but in the way you display the result.

Thank you {F27183}


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The remote tab show the correct number tho

so you answer everyone but me?

Day 5: Dear diary, it's been five days since i reported this bug and it is still unnoticed, i'll keep checking everyday in the hope of a reply. I am not giving up !


I've tested it on the current stable version and I get correct values, can you please confirm that the issue is still present? Is it in in-game or Steam browser?

I've attached a screen from in-game browser.

There was an issue with number of players on Steam side. The protocol is using 1B value but it was returned by the Steam SDK as signed. We knew about it, we handled the negative values in the game and calculated correct number. The wrong number was still shown in server browser in the Steam client. Looks like the issue was acknowledged by Steam as in current Steam client since server browser shows correct values.

It seems that it is now fixed.
Thank you George of the jungle