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Weird behavior with missions on subfolders and crashing
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After months of headaches, we figured out what the old description relates to: subfolders. The steps to reproduce have a couple situations that have come up. {F27168} {F27169}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Load mission on island A in the mpmissions folder on dedicated server

    -> Load mission on island A in subfolder
    -> Things work as expected

Load mission on island A in a subfolder on the dedicated server

    -> The client has previously loaded a mission on any other island ("island B")
    -> Instead of loading into island A as expected, the client loads into island B
    Clients loading different maps first can all be part of the same session.
    There will issues that come up, especially relating to the positions of things in the world

Loading mission on island A in a subfolder on the dedicated server

    -> The client has not previously a mission on any other island and used the -world=empty on startup
    -> That client will CTD
    This can be combined with the above behavior for different clients

    Say you have one client load Duala first and another Reshmaan with the third client loading no mission.
    The first and second clients will load their respective maps while the third will crash.

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I not tried Australia in 1.50 or 1.52, but with All In Arma (Stand Alone or Arma Terrain Pack) I have same issue.
1.52 only change the address of memory could not be read.

I am also experiencing this issue.

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Attached more RPTs taken using the 154.133841 v8 profiler build - server, client (who loaded a mission on another map) as well as the client who didn't and CTD'd.

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Turns out this is related to 0019667 and issues with subfolders. Putting a new description and steps to repo, leaving my old description here:


So this does relate to modded content as well as custom missions. There's two scenarios where this has occurred for us:

  • Some custom missions (but not all) can cause the problem. The islands they're on range from Reshmaan to Bozcaada.
  • This is for us always an issue with the island Australia

I guess I've experienced two issues, both related to one another:

  • First are client CTDs relating after loading but before the briefing screen. This usually come in the way of memory errors although sometimes just in the form of the generic windows crash error. I've attached some client logs from when this occurs.
  • The others a bit more odd. If you load a mission on one map (say Altis) and then load into the problem mission (or Australia), your mission will at the approximate location where it should be however the actual island you're on in game is whatever was loaded first. When this occurs, the mission is seemingly not downloaded by any clients.

I have two servers, both different hardware setups, and both issues are pretty constant. I and others though have set up dedicated servers our own machines and were unable to replicate it.

The RPTs/dumps attach use just CBA / AiA TP / Australia. The full preset normally used is... erm, much larger. If any more logs are needed I can get other people to provide them or if any sample missions are needed. Anything else I can do.. yeah.