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The Detail and Design in Fatigue's/Gear (NATO - CSAT), Are Lackluster
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There are some... Un-deniable hints that uniforms and their models, haven't quite been given enough love into their design and respected wearer. Lets take a look at some of these uniforms, and expose them.

Here is the NATO uniform.

It's not completely terrible, it's just some parts are not modeled correctly.

Here is CSAT Uniform compared with others.

Now, you can see the CSAT model is far worse. It looks like the legs are all warped and deformed in other places than the knee, and in unrealistic manner. The NATO Knee-pad, is nothing but a slightly shiny texture, that's also not detailed at all. There's not real knee pad, and nothing holding it in place, it's just textures. This is no good.

Now, here are some examples uniforms from various countries. You can tell the knee-pads and everything are an overall important thing for the look of the entire uniform.

You can see the level of detail in the uniforms in soem other titles, like BF4

Or even more recently, in Metal Gear Solid V, which displays a very eye catching level of detail to the uniforms, and gear. It looks believable. When i see the NATO and CSAT uniforms, even sometimes the AAF uniforms, they don't look as believable. Chortles mentioned it was also due to the fact the AAF uniform was made last, thus most recent, and the reason it is more detailed than the NATO and CSAT gear, which were to the first to have been made for the game. But now, the uniforms need some love. They need to be cleaned up, and tweaked to look more believable.

We can also hope a better, higher level of detail, and love is put into the uniforms and gear coming with the South Pacific Expansion. But cleaning all existing gear up to one high level of detail is needed to maintain the balance and look of all factions, and in the end make sure everything looks like actual clothing


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You never seen an integrated knee pad? GIS it.

The NATO and CSAT uniform textures are crying out for improvement, since they were probably among the first things made for the game. They're probably close to 6 years old at this point, and they look terrible next to the AAF. But BIS isn't going to start remodelling stuff now, particularly with an expansion on the way.

I try never to look at any DayZ screenshots, because frankly the difference in asset quality between the two games is embarrassing.

other stuff may be more important...

and you really think ANY decent arma player cares about how good stuff looks in BF or MGS compared? you gonna write bug reports requesting proper bulletphysics in frostbite engine? or ask kojima why the enemy cant see a dead horse on a baloon taking off at 10m distance? probably not, but proper uniform design gotta be in arma, alright!

Yes, @csathdfw. It's not that i would spend the time creating a ticket for an actual issue if it didn't matter. The fact of the matter is that it's a problem, not you're personal opinion. The textures are old as hell, and need the be updated, therefore i made a ticket. BI is not going to sit there and work on it once they see it. Eventually over time, maybe after the expansion, they may clean up their character models and make them look decent.

Even VBS3 and DayZ have more detailed clothing and character models. VBS3, being the one to actually have a decently modeled knee-pad, which makes it look like a uniform and not someone wearing baggy sweatpants with a weird texture design on it. That's not all either, elbow pads, and such, some of it just doesn't look right, and thus, needs to be cleaned up. They'll get to it eventually, but just for assurance, this is why i made the ticket.