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Feature Request: Could terrain processor process a BMP file/mask and automatically create a shapefile
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I was wondering if it would be possible to create a feature in terrain processor where it loads an image file and automatically based on it creates one or several shape files that are correct for the Arma 3 default worldspace.

Example: You have a satmap mask file with the forests as a certain color. You load this mask into TP and it converts the selected color into a shapefile. Then you can use the outputted shapefile to add vegetation through TP.

I understand that this is possible to do in for example ArcGIS but the requires a lot of technical know-how and seems rather hard to do. Most of us who have created terrains for ArmA are used to use World Tools by Shezan wich operates on bitmap images. As such, the new terrain processor functions remain unused because we do not have all the forests as masks in Terrain builder, but rahter as image data.

Another possible implementation would be to allow the AREA functions in TerrainProcessor to accept image files as well as shapes. But I guess this would be harder to implement.

Anyways, thank you for TP and your continued support.


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