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Create An Engine Implimentation of Enhanced View Distance
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Currently, view distance is very limited. Not only does this limitation looks disgusting in game, easily noticeable by a circle-ish "Snow-Globe" like mask to your visibility, it also negatively effects gameplay.

Firstly, i do believe it was cloud tech that got limited even further due to view distance limitations. At current, i think the standard view distance and any given time is around 2-3K. Perhaps less, most Multiplayer missions even do just 1-1.5K view distance, and it's stuck there.

Some servers have the option to toggle view distance in game via. scripts, but this is simply a work around. It should not stay this way forever, as some players may have low view distance because of their unit's graphical capabilities. There should be updates to the Engine in this regard.

Secondly, finding a solution to view distance would benefit the future of the engine. Sub-Pixel rendering is an example, i believe even this was used in the VBS series as of recent iterations, but a lot of games aside from that platform, do support this tech. View distance if anything should be determined by weather, and not some imaginary fog-like mask.

Creating a way to have view distance at a realistic standard based on advanced, yet optimized solutions, would be a big time accomplishment for the series. It would give this series the true uplift it really needs, and give it a functional and visual enhancement for the future titles too come.


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