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Search-function doesn't clear when switching categories
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When you have used the Search-function with Assets in for example Objects, then switch to Props and clear the Search-field, then switch back to Objects, the Search isn't cleared and the Objects-tab still filters from the old search.

You have to type a new Search and clear that for Objects to clear the filter.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to Assets > Objects
  2. Type in something in the Search field
  3. Switch category to Props
  4. Clear the search field
  5. Switch back to Objects

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Hi there, I am not able to reproduce your issue.

What do you mean with "Switch back to Objects"?

If I choose BLUFOR, OPFOR until PROPS, the highlight (Assets) stays on Objects (F1).

Maybe I do something wrong, but if I clear the search bar and switch through the Assests, I don't have any problems.

I think this is design decision and personally I like it. Type "device" in search field and click different categories, it exists in more than one, so this is actually useful

I LIKE the fact the search stays live when you switch Categories...