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Stack overflow when 'BIS_fnc_loadInventory' is called from the 'TapUse' function
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A 'Bag_Base' object contained inside the array of another 'Bag_Base' object causes a stack overflow when 'BIS_fnc_loadInventory' is called from the 'TapUse' function. This is due to a data type misalignment of the inventory array of a 'Bag_Base' object and is pushed to the server stack through the 'TapUse' call to 'BIS_fnc_loadInventory'. Arma3server.exe crashes with Exception code: C00000FD STACK_OVERFLOW at 00AXXXX.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  • Have two bags, one on the ground, one on the player.
  • Open inventory, open bag inventory, drag other bag inside.
  • Close inventory, reopen and drop the backpack containing the backpack.
  • Open the inventory of the ground, double click and open bag.
  • Attempt to move the inner bag to player backpack slot then close inventory.
  • Use the 'Hand Grab' by aiming at the bag and pressing spacebar.
  • Most times clients will freeze; everytime the server will Z-line.
Additional Information

found this link on reddit, reported instantly
private because I'd like to stay pseudonymous and I don't want other players to see this critical exploit

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