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Server browser reports distant and international servers too slowly
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The in-game server browser takes a large amount of time greater to report international and distant servers compared to domestic servers. Remote connection to the server using the remote button is instant. Using the filter for a keyword, in this case "OSF" results in the server taking >15 seconds to show up. The server IP is

I am in the US and the server is in the UK.

This behavior occurs whether the client and server are behind a firewall and when they are not.

The server in question is running Windows Server 2012 Standard R2, with a symmetrical 1Gb/s bandwidth.


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Steps To Reproduce

Find and filter for an international server not near your location. The server browser will be extremely slow to respond with the server.

Additional Information

The ping reported when using remote is 96, the ping reported using filter is 130+

Also, setting the Steam in-game browser Max ping/Minutes setting to anything below automatic will prohibit the server from showing up.

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