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leaveVehicle and unassignVehicle are time critical.
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AI Plane is flying from Point A to Point B.
A large group of AI Soldiers sitting in Cargo.
Now they jump out by trigger for example.
without the "leaveVehicle" or "unassignVehicle" commands, the Pilot gets a Panic attack, because he thinks his Cargo is getting lost.
with the "leaveVehicle" or "unassignVehicle" commands, the Pilot should keep calm. But he does not.
Why? Answer is quite easy:
As long As the leaving group not counts more then one unit, everything is fine.
But if the leaving group counts more then one unit, you cant beam them out all at once.
To use unassignVehicle alone, does not solve the problem.
And leaveVehicle is only for groups.

So, what we need is either a "leaveVehicle" for units only, or better than that, a disableAI "deafAndBlind" command. A Vehicle, which is used by two seperated groups, bind these groups together. We simply need something to unbind them from each other and still ensure the ability to use the vehicle, for them!


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Oh, this is urgent!!! ;)

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obsolete, close this...
it depends on the AI group leader who have to jump at first!