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Include variant of Chest Rig without camelbak
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The chest rig is very nice for use in low-tech loadouts where you don't want a big plate carrier, but rather just something that can carry ammo. It's a shame that chest rig has this illusion broken due to the inclusion of the camelbak which wouldn't make sense in a loadout for a cold war soldier.
Being able to make config edits and hide the selection by using

hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1","Camo2"};
hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\A3\Characters_F\Common\Data\equip_chestrig_khk_co.paa"};

is very nice and almost works, except for the fact that the shadow LOD does not have these selections named leading to shadows showing up on the model from seemingly nowhere as seen here:
This is why I request that you modify the Chest Rig and put a variant of it without the camelbak in the base game, it would be relatively simple and it would help with the variety of loadouts that could possibly be made. I would love to do all the work myself, but it is not possible.


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