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AI using sector tactics module legendarily inaccurate in some cases
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While messing about with AI spawners and the sector tactics module, I noticed that the machinegun on the AMV-7 was really inaccurate for some reason. Like, REALLY inaccurate, with dust kicking up a meter away from the vehicle while it's trying to kill something 50 away.

Regardless of skill, an AMV-7 spawned in editor will be accurate as usual. An AMV-7 spawned with the spawn AI module will also be accurate, but when coupled with the sector tactics module and a sector to capture, accuracy drops sharply for some reason. It almost seems like FADE is kicking in for the AI.

Attached is a screenshot of an AI trying to shoot me, with bullet impacts under the vehicle even though it's the only thing firing.
Unclear if other vehicles or infantry are affected. {F26963}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make an AI spawner and set it in a way that produces a mechanized rifle or support squad.
  2. Make a sector and place enemies near it that preferably can't harm armoured vehicles
  3. Make a sector tactics module
  4. Make yourself zeus or one of the enemies, preview, watch AMV miss the broadside of a barn

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