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Cannot Remap Helicopter Gun Control
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I tried searching for this with no luck so this is probably a duplicate.

Showcase > Helicopter. I'm using a Logitech F710 controller ... everything appears to be fine and I've remapped a few mouse functions but I can't find where the 'FIRE GUN' is mapped to the right trigger? As I'm sure you are aware, the right pedal turn is also mapped to the same trigger which makes it impossible to pedal turn to the right without firing the helicopter's main gun :(

Please correct this and or provide a link to more appropriate settings and the main report number that is being worked. THANX - DJ


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Helicopters DLC
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None needed - fly the default scenario with the default controls.

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Please provide the parent report ID so that I can follow it if my report is a duplicate.

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I think I may have found my answer ... RE: 0025266

I finally found the answer...

Basically my initial assessment was correct ... that though my controller is detected, it's inputs are not mapped to your game functions, for 'Fixed Wing' at least. That is, I had to DISABLE the default controller SCHEME and create my own bindings to your game functions.

Neither suggestion you posted above gave me the critical information needed to correct this issue ... DISABLE the controller. Perhaps it's a language/translation thing but in English ... DISABLE means to turn OFF or DEACTIVATE altogether ... so it never occurred to me that I needed to DISABLE my controller. Perhaps you need to rethink the wording on this form ... perhaps you need to create a default binding SCHEME for Fixed Wing.

Perhaps you need to rework the default controller scheme for Helicopter Movement