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Steam browser protocol implemented incorrectly
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When I'm trying to join a server using the Steam browser protocol (e.g. steam://join/<ip>:<port>), it won't work and give me a "Server is not responding", where as the IP is exactly the same as where I click on "View game info" on a friend's name.

However, when using the Steam browser protocol in combination with the server's Query port (server port + 1), it does launch Arma 3's launcher.

I think that this is a mistake as the join should use the connection IP, not the query port


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Server Browser Steam
Steps To Reproduce

Compose your own steam browser protocol, such as steam://join/<ip>:<port>, try to run it on both the connection port and the query port

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Steam is using the IP address and Steam query port to determine the game which you're joining to as it is registered on Steam master server under this combination.