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Military symbols and Show / Hide module Error
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There is a bug with the Object Modifiers > Show/Hide module and Military symbols module. If you synch a group to the Show/Hide module their Military symbol will still show their map position even if they are currently hidden / sim deactivated via Hide synched group.


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Add Misc > Military Symbols module. Add a group of soldiers. Add Object Modifiers > Show / Hide module, select Hide and select groups of synchronized units and synch module to group. Place a player unit. Preview. Markers are visible for hidden units/group.

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I thought you had to hide them using : MARTA_hide = <array>; - Groups which will be always hidden for given unit.

player setvariable ["MARTA_hide",[group usmcPatrol]];

I don't think the Military Symbols module "works" with

@TakeHomeTheCup - the issue is if an object has been hidden and simulation deactivated with the Show/Hide Object modifier - the object and any marker should not be visible. There are work arounds to this by changing the variable but in the above case this should not be necessary.

There is an associated issue with the Show/Hide Object modifier module. Objects that have been hidden with this module can still be bumped into - i.e. they are invisible but still seem to have a physical presence in game.