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Helicopter Joystick Sensitivity very low
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When cycling forward/backward/right/left with an joystick (in my case Saitek x-55) the max. motion is much lower then cycling with the keyboard keys W/A/S/D. In Addition the max movement of the cockpit joystick of the helicopter is on the joystick only about 20% from the movement of an keyboard. Ive tried turning up the sensitivity in the controller settings but no change.


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Steps To Reproduce

1)Play Arma 3 with an joystick
2)Compare the movement of a helicopter while flying with keyboard or joystick

Additional Information

I Have added Screenshots of my sitting in a littlebird

  1. no cycling
  2. cycling forward maximum with joystick
  3. cycling forward using keyboard (pressing W)

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I have the same problem.

It looks like the range of my controller just went from 0%-100% to 25%-75%

I can't fly anything anymore.

The range is fine with the keyboard.

3 other players in my team have the same problem.