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Ai helicopters with door gunners fly straight at enemies outside of their gunners traverse
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If a ai controlled helicopter like the Ghosthawk or the Huron which has door gunners tries to engage a enemy,it flies straight at them like it has a forward mounted weapon instead of door gunners,which leads to them being unable to ever aim at let alone hit their assigned target.


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Have a ai controlled Ghosthawk or Huron with a waypoint near a group of enemy infantry or other easy target and watch it try to engage them but fly straight at the enemy instead of at a angle the gunners could actually aim at.

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Even worse, when enemy spotted, the AI pilot will get stuck in a permanent attack pattern until fuel runs out or the helo is shot down. Movement orders, disengage orders did not change anything. As long as there is one spotted infantryman on the ground, the helicopter will perform a strafe like in an attack plane (the gunners are unable to shoot), turn around and repeat.

The only way to work around this was by telling the pilot to cease fire which automatically tells the gunners to cease fire. If a GhostHawk with gunners and an AI pilot is supposed to attack infantry, the only way to make it work is by telling the pilot to cease fire, moving him towards the enemy, then telling him to open fire so the gunners get a short time window to fire before the pilot turns away. Then you need to repeat the procedure, tell the pilot to cease fire, move the helicopter in position and tell him to open fire which will make him repeat the strafing pattern, rendering him unable to attack.

So the problem is that there is no distinction between attack planes / fixed gun helicopters and attack helicopters / transport helicopters with gunners. The latter should not engage in a plane AI pattern.