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2015.07.16 Patch Breaks View Orientation with TrackIR
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Here's the problem. The current patch adopts whatever head position your character was in as the "CENTERED" position upon entering a vehicle.

Best explained by showing you, so here's a vid.

This is extremely problematic for TrackIR users, who're rarely centered when entering a vehicle.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Turn head.
  2. Enter vehicle.
  3. Be very annoyed.

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Thank you.
I was asking myself what defines the center point... now I know why...
I do not agree with your Priority: It should be set to high or similiar :)

Hope it gets fixed in a hotfix...

I wonder what did they changed which caused this issue. Pleas fix it, because currently it really problematic.

Can confirm, thought I was going nuts...

Any acknowledgement by BIS? Would be good if this could be resolved in the next hotfix... so please assign it to somebody... Thank you.

Good to know the older and more voted up bug report had been ignored in favor of the newer, less voted one :)
Thanks danczer for letting us know :)

So this issue can set to be solved in 1.5. Its fixed in the DevBuild.

swissMAG: I thing some newly reported issues are ignored because they are reported in wrong time. E.g. Nobody no dev, moderator online. That's why is suggested this: Where you could see the high voted bugs based on categories. The current View votes is useless, because most of it are feature request which are require lot of efforts.

TBH this Mantis Bug Tracker is unneeded complicated and is more work that it's worth.

But I believe A3 Devs have also made things more difficult. Way to many categories are selectable.

But also the creator of this issue gave a priority of NONE, which is simply not true. ;-)

EXE rev. 131862 (game)
Fixed: Bugged view whilst using TrackIR and entering vehicles

Can be closed too.

oukej added a comment.Sep 8 2015, 2:51 PM

Thank you for the reports!