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AI bugged due to a oversensitive reaction on dead bodies and destroyed objects
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The AI will go into combat mode due to a oversensitive suppression/awareness system. This will stop the AI from executing their programmed task.

Soldiers will stop following waypoints. Patrols are broken. Soldiers won't stay or look in a certain area. Soldiers won't get into a vehicle.

Basically the whole SP campaign is screwed up.

{F26603} {F26604}


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Steps To Reproduce

Campaign Survive / Drawdown 2035 [A_in] / Grid 053053

The AI (BIS_AA1Group1 & BIS_AA1Group2) will break patrol and ran to the player before BIS_overCampTrig is reached.


Campaign Survive / Situation Normal [A_in2] / Grid 042035

BIS_MRAPGroup will not follow their waypoints. They won't enter the vehicle.

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Hey, thank you for the report.
I'm sorry but I can't reproduce the issue.
The AAF groups stay on point X-ray until player reaches the overlook on Rogain.
Could you please provide more info and attach the RPT?

Hello oukej

I have reinstalled the game (no Mods) and the AI issues are still there.

I have added a test-file for you (see attached files). Unzip it and throw the A_in2.stratis into your missions folder. Open it with the editor (Stratis) and hit preview. After the scene with Adams and the passing helicopter hit ESC and take a look at the AI with the splendid camera.

Picture 1) LZ Baldy, Grid 045053: BIS_LZ2Guard1,2,3,4 will go into combat mode and run around (mostly down the hill).

Picture 2) Mike-26, Grid 043038: All BIS_stationGuard's will go into combat mode and run around (and out of) the station. BIS_stationTruck1 sometimes will run over AAF soldiers.

Picture 3) Outpost, Grid 040045: All BIS_AA2Guard's will go into combat mode and leave their positions/waypoints.


What is RPT? EDIT: .rpt file added to attachments


Could you provide a .pbo to disable the new supression/awareness system?

What is PRT files - read "How to guide" on upper right part of site. Now, it they switch this modulle off ai will broke. I cant reproduce this thing. They need RPT so they can check that something is working with game (some mod, addon somehow not deleted by reainstall).

Thanks for the advice vlad

"(some mod, addon somehow not deleted by reainstall)"

Before reinstalling I searched my SSD and deleted everything related to Arma 3. Folders, Profiles, everything (I even cleaned the registry).

"switch this modulle off ai will broke"

How about setting the detection range to 0 meters.

Could you provide a .pbo to disable the new supression/awareness system?

Just for clarification - there's no new or modular "supression/awareness system" really. There have been suppression effect added to events (bullet hitting nearby) that already existed in the game. These effects are only: lowered accuracy, path preference and recently added smoke throwing. The detection distances were only slightly adjusted (in majority cases they were lowered). The title of the issue may be misleading.

Regarding the issue - can you try removing the Ghosthawk wreck in the upper left corner of the map and comment out line 206 in initMission.hpp ([3496.171,4916.087,0.000] nearestObject "Land_TTowerBig_2_F") setDamage 1;) And see if that helps? It did in my case. That would confirm that the issue is the same as

Thanks a lot!

can you try removing the Ghosthawk wreck & Land_TTowerBig_2_F

Yes, it worked. The AI will act normal.

Can you do something about it?

oukej added a comment.Jul 17 2015, 2:17 PM

Great, thanks for verifying. We'll try to fix it :)

Thank you very much.

Version 1.5 and the AI is still buggy = I can't play the campaign which I paid money for = I'm slowely get pissed