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"Challenge Failed" screen takes too long.
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When playing Helicopter Time Trials, in case of failing it by destroying helicopter (but staying alive) the screen saying "Challenge Failed" takes too long to show up, lasts too long, and fades out too long.


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Helicopters DLC
Steps To Reproduce

01.While playing any helicopter challenge, break the helicopter, but dont blow it up, just gently greet the wall or something.
02. Wait till colours fade, message saying "Challenge Failed" shows up.
04. Do that several more times. It really takes too long to be able to restart, by that point you just rubbing the failure in.

Additional Information

How about being able to hit Restart in menu, while message is still on screen?
Or just making the whole sequence shorter? When you kill yourself during challenges, option to restart pops up almost instantly.

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Today's Dev-Branch update should include changes that make it possible to restart during the Challenge Failed screen. Does this address your concern?