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server.cfg missionWhiteList doesn't work properly if a mission has a description.ext error
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Sometime ago I wrote a script that automatically fill the missionWhiteList in our server.cfg . This works great!

Until we put a mission in there that has a description.ext. Then it seems like server's whitelist turns empty as no missions appear in the mission list after using the command #missions (after logging in as admin). Sample rpt output:

2015/07/04, 12:32:40 File description.ext, line 116: Config: ';' used as a separator in the array

What is really frustrating here is that there is no indication in the rpt which mission has the error. So it is really frustrating for us to fix.

I also think the default behaviour should be regardless of if there is an error in the description.ext for the missionWhiteList to keep working.


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  • This was on the linux server binary (64bit Ubuntu server)

Snippet from server.cfg (all mission files are present)

missionWhiteList[] = {

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Sorry but this is like saying, "my car has a flat tyre, it doesn't drive too well, this is extremely annoying".

I dunno try -autotest if you dont want to check missions for errors manually?