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Arma 3 launcher won't start.
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So, I'll try to launch Arma 3 through Steam and it never actually launches, Arma 3 just immediately begins synching with steam again, the only reason I know it's a problem with the launcher is that I can go in to the Arma 3 folder and lauch arma3.exe and it works perfectly fine. I used the LauncherStructuralDiagnostics thing and I saved the report.

Arma 3 Launcher Structural Diagnostics Report

Date: 6/17/2015 7:31:44 AM -06:00
Date UTCc: 6/17/2015 1:31:44 PM +00:00
CLR Version: 4.0.30319.34209
OS Version: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
64b system: True
64b process: False
Command line: "C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\LauncherStructuralDiag.exe"
Current directory: C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads
System directory: C:\Windows\system32
Page size: 4096
Culture: en-US
UICulture: en-US
User: Administrator

arma3launcher.exe: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 72-00-44-AD-C7-9F-3C-26-BB-EC-18-EC-2E-74-0B-86-DD-70-48-DC, length = 1035592)
arma3launcher.exe.config: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = B3-18-10-E5-56-C4-2D-43-06-2E-61-62-DB-14-5A-36-10-63-8C-BD, length = 11692)
steam_appid.txt: Ok (hash = E8-C7-59-E5-12-1C-45-9A-64-09-19-D5-F2-95-4B-B0-07-2C-FE-DD, length = 6)
Launcher\DragDropManager.txt: FileNotFound (hash = (none), length = 0)
Launcher\log4net.dll: Ok (hash = 4B-E4-F5-F9-03-6A-AE-86-52-40-85-EC-B8-93-AE-65-52-FC-73-1D, length = 301056)
Launcher\log4net.txt: Ok (hash = F1-F7-1A-75-6A-7E-F3-10-1B-30-E4-81-46-1B-89-DB-9F-24-A6-A6, length = 11365)
Launcher\logger.xml: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 25-1D-8E-84-CD-1E-EE-38-EC-99-AA-4D-78-D0-31-E3-B5-25-C1-E3, length = 5183)
Launcher\protobuf-net.dll: Ok (hash = A0-53-F3-2D-0F-E1-F2-CC-2F-B5-31-D7-2B-91-C3-6B-AC-87-D6-C3, length = 197632)
Launcher\protobuf-net.txt: Ok (hash = F1-F7-1A-75-6A-7E-F3-10-1B-30-E4-81-46-1B-89-DB-9F-24-A6-A6, length = 11365)
Launcher\SharedResources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = D1-44-80-60-7E-CF-DA-FB-22-BA-D7-97-35-88-A4-43-B3-4D-45-3C, length = 146432)
Launcher\SteamLayer.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 3C-9E-A3-27-19-E4-FC-43-C8-36-C5-39-6F-00-E2-87-39-93-6A-96, length = 571904)
Launcher\SteamLayerWrap.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 6D-B0-0D-2F-AE-24-17-B5-8A-C9-2B-AE-7F-E9-9D-9E-B1-5D-B6-B5, length = 258048)
Launcher\steam_api.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = A8-0A-BF-B6-D9-5D-59-53-6B-B8-37-76-25-8D-10-94-05-4C-35-95, length = 145600)
Launcher\Utils.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 0E-E9-33-F7-C3-37-14-CB-95-A3-D3-0C-47-D1-36-6D-81-D6-B9-40, length = 128512)
Launcher\Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.dll: Ok (hash = C2-91-58-5E-8D-90-27-21-FC-8D-2F-45-AD-DC-D5-96-87-0C-8F-AA, length = 949760)
Launcher\Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.txt: Ok (hash = 92-C5-6C-6D-20-E6-4D-C2-35-C0-D3-71-6C-18-3E-0C-EE-96-DE-D0, length = 2710)
Launcher\cs-CZ\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 9B-8E-86-64-A4-3D-31-5D-0F-88-48-00-57-E3-0C-2D-BC-42-E1-D2, length = 2208768)
Launcher\de-DE\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 20-62-3D-C0-0B-83-2F-1A-56-BA-FC-B5-32-A6-3D-E3-4D-B2-0F-89, length = 2209792)
Launcher\en-us\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 3B-10-6D-4C-B8-98-0D-5B-2F-27-4E-9F-40-16-6B-EE-B2-2E-95-6F, length = 2232320)
Launcher\es-ES\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = CC-CF-7E-DE-F0-43-ED-75-4B-2A-72-08-35-1B-52-4A-89-8A-EF-D2, length = 2209792)
Launcher\fr-FR\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 98-CC-88-2B-E7-5B-11-BC-59-2C-01-F5-03-12-41-D2-6E-57-DE-6E, length = 2210816)
Launcher\it-IT\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 5D-E9-7A-11-F2-97-06-2C-89-69-04-F7-B5-CF-FF-02-01-47-5E-80, length = 2208768)
Launcher\ja-JP\arma3launcher.resources.dll: FileNotFound (hash = (none), length = 0)
Launcher\ko-KR\arma3launcher.resources.dll: FileNotFound (hash = (none), length = 0)
Launcher\pl-PL\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = C7-C6-AD-3A-D3-94-B7-70-A4-E2-A6-CA-0B-A2-DD-4C-0A-31-5C-53, length = 2209792)
Launcher\pt-BR\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = 25-C2-95-42-56-21-FD-41-C0-BC-3A-D5-DF-CD-47-87-4F-70-0E-0D, length = 2210816)
Launcher\ru-RU\arma3launcher.resources.dll: LengthDoesNotMatch (hash = E4-2C-E1-00-41-B7-63-08-2F-F0-71-F4-5D-2D-F3-99-ED-D6-AE-58, length = 2226176)

It says I'm missing some files but I verified the cache and it says everything is there, I tried reinstalling .NET with no results, I'm honestly clueless here and would appreciate any help I can get, thanks!


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I uploaded the entire report from the Diagnostics just in case someone needed to look through it.

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there's an issue with automatic repair of corrupted user settings. Corrupted user settings is not detected correctly and the application the continue to run and crash because of it.

Try to run following hotfix, it will remove corrupted settings:

Thank you thank you THANK YOU! That fixed it, I really appreciate the help, this problem has had me stumped for a long time, thanks again for the help.

Ey so i have the same problem but the link doesnt work

(edit) as in I cant load it, it just is a blank screen and loads forever.