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Aunknown and Acts animations does not work local or cause stuck on player
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When playing several animations in editor or on multiplayer via script, the animation is not shown local. surrounding players can see this animations.
some animations cause stuck on the player.

most of the "bugged" animations are AunknownPunknownBunknownHunknownWunknown and Acts_ category.



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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start editor
  2. Place a playable unit
  3. enter 'player playMove "InBaseMoves_repairVehiclePne";' in debug console

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Hi all!

I am reviewing all cutscene animations and also working on community guideline how to use them properly.

Please note that some of cutscene anims are not intended to be used by "playMove" command, they are (usually) campaing based cinematic anims and there are no proper transition animations between these cutscenes and normal in-game states.

There will still remain certain anim states which will be usable only for eg. cinematic purposes and "switchMove" command will be only way how to play them on character. If there will be possible way to create some proper transitions to / from the anim I will configure it to provide better usability of these by community.

Part of the guideline will be separate list of cutscene animations with respective commands to use with those.

As the amount of the anims is quite big, this will take some time so be patient please.

I will advise when all necessary work will be done, stay tuned.

Thank you and have a very nice day!

So, how is the progress regarding these animations? There are still a lot of broken animations


WIP, ETA late February 2016.

Thanks for understanding and stay tuned!

Hello burkhar,

It's so nice to hear that someone is working on animation issues at last. I want to ask to review three very important animations which are not applicable on playable units atm - vehicle fixing animations. They could be so useful in PvP or TvT battles with use of vehicles. Here is a list of that animations:

  1. "InBaseMoves_repairVehiclePne" (60 seconds)
  2. "InBaseMoves_assemblingVehicleErc" (30 seconds)
  3. "InBaseMoves_repairVehicleKnl" (30 seconds)

Also it's nice that we can use last two animations together one by one getting combined one minute animation that could be used as alternative to the first 60 minute long animation. All we need is to have the ability to run them for players.

I would appreciate if you make them working on human player units. Thanks in advance!