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Addon download hangs
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Some people are reporting that my WLA addon wont download for them:
"hey mate this mod wont download to the workshop launcher. it hangs waiting for steam to download"
"Cant get this addon to download via workshop/launcher. Just says waiting for steam to download and hangs"

It worked normally before and havent uploaded any updates.


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please accept my apology for not responding in timely manner. We've investigated the issue right away back in April, but we didn't find any glitch or error, except the usual one.

All downloads go through the Steam and the Launcher can't force the download in any way. Users may go to Downloads page in Steam to see whether the download is paused and start it manually, restart of the Steam also helps for some.

The issues is most likely caused by Steam and it's download management.

Users can:
a) force the download from Downloads page in the Steam client;

  • or -

b) restart the Steam client;

  • or -

c) wait until Steam downloads the item.

The most recent version of Steam client may provide a way to force the download when we need to and thus mitigate this issue once and for all (yay), but we're still investigating that.