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finishMissionInit (and/or endLoadingScreen) not reliable
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Using finishMissionInit and startLoadingScreen, the initialization script is not supposed to go on and start the mission, until endLoadingScreen (or the end of the script) is reached. Yet - at some point, the mission prematurely starts while the initialization script is still running! It doesn't take too much imagination to see that this could lead to all sorts of unforseen problems with heavy initialization scripts.

If this (timeout?) is actually a feature, we need a way to make sure the initialization script can indeed take all the time it needs to, no matter what (IMHO: finishMissionInit should be enough and seems to be currently broken/unreliable at best). {F25978}


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Steps To Reproduce

Given and init.sqf (or initIntro.sqf) with the following structure:

	startLoadingScreen ["..."];

	// code that takes a while...


...then the mission will start anyways, given that code takes long enough. With an init.sqf and previewing the mission from the editor, you're simply dropped into the game at some point. Using initIntro.sqf, you're prematurely dropped to the map-screen in a similar fashion.

Attached is a simple sort-algorithm benchmark, programmed to test implementations of two shell- and a heap-sort, up to lists with 15000 elements. On my system the mission starts (prematurely) after the lists with 8000 elements have been sorted (step size is 1000). The mission then starts, while the lists are still being sorted; note/observe the diag_log output (i.e. the initialization script is still running).

Additional Information
  • Don't mind the sorting stuff, but some *heavy* initialization script is needed to reproduce this bug.
  • Devel. Branch, Version 1.43.130192.

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