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Cannot pick up most items without them disappearing.
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I am not able to pick up any attachment,ammo,nvg,hats,binoculars, and glasses. I can pick up clothes,backpacks,vests, and weapons. Those are no use to me since I have no ammo for the weapon and nothing to put in my clothes and shit.So this is the problem on multiplayer and the campaign I am not able to pick up those things I have 0-5 mins to pick up everything i need before this problem happens and does not go away unless I restart the game.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Start arma3.
2.start campaign or join a server.
3.Wait 0-5 mins.
4.Try to pick up the items listed above.

Additional Information

I have had this problem for around 2 or less months.
I have seen and heard of multiple people having this problem but it seems this problem has gone away for them with time while mine stays sadly.
I tried uploading a video but the file is too big to upload.

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Confirming, this happened to me today.

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I noticed this too, items disappearing when trying to pick them up. However moving them from a container to the ground first is a work-around.

Well if there anyone that can help our poor souls ill add in this video free of charge!