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starts with luncher no mods
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Every time I start the game via steam, the launcher appears. Once the game advances though the booting process and start up menu comes alive I check my mods and they're disappeared. The game reverts back to the vanilla version.


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I checked online for a resolution to this issues and I can only find a information dealing with PlaySix users, which I am not one and I personally detest Playwithsix.

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you can install your Mods via the launcher, or put the mods in seperate file and link it via the launcher. under parameters check the box Mods than insert the map where the mods are in, than go 2 MODS and check the 1s you want, per profile you can save different mods

While the launcher is nice and all I find it rather annoying I do not have the choice anymore to directly play Arma 3 when I want to run the game through Steam, or try to join servers through Steam's server browser. It keeps throwing me into the launcher which is just annoying and a rather odd move if I may be so honest.

Can this please be reverted? I do not intend to use the launcher and just want to be able to run Arma 3 directly from the Steam menu, or join servers from Steam's server browser.

Just bring back the options we had on Steam before, play Arma 3 etc., after you ran Arma 3 from the Steam menu.