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Make The Tails for Gunshots 3D, and Optional Otherwise
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As the title states, make the tails of shot's 3D. Laxemann ha accomplished this in a mod, that could still be optimized, and it runs great. If this tech were to be added to the actual shot's we have now, it'd boost the Audio quality 10 fold. Essentially, it'd work like this.

A shot is fired, depending on where environment you are in, that tail isn't just an Audio sample played from your gun. Instead, the tail after the shot, moves through the environment. Doing this in Engine and not as a mod, would make it far less CPU intensive than a mod like Laxemann's Soundscape, however that mod even still runs without noticeable impact to begin with. However, if this even were to be the case, it can become a simple option in Audio settings for those who would like a 3D soundscape over the current static soundscape. It's a Win Win for everyone.


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Fire a shot, move head around while firing. Notice the tail stays the same throughout movement. Place soldiers and have them fire. Notice the sound only plays where they are shooting from.

Now run Arma 3 with L_ES (Laxemann's Soundscape Mod)

Repeat the same, but this time notice that when firing your weapon, the tails travel, and you can hear where they go while turning your head. Now when AI are firing, the sound doesn't only come where where they're shooting, but you can hear the tails moving through the landscape.

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This would improve the Soundscape 10 fold, with little to no CPU impact.

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I have tested the sound tails of LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscape and compared them with the vanilla sounds.

The mod is great, not perfect, but great. Some weapon tails are too loud with the mod (f.e. ASP-1 Kir from the Marksmen DLC).

I hope, the developers add a 3D soundscape to their weapon tails to add more dynamic.

That will make distance gun fights more intense for the listener. At the moment you only will hear filtered sounds without the mod. But a gunshot sound is wandering and deflecting from the environment.

I cross the fingers and I am with great expectations.

Simply put, take the tails we have now on Dev Branch, and turn them 3D. That's all. It wouldn't require new ones at all. The ones we have now are very dynamic, and they sound great, but in 3D they would sound tons better.