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"drop cargo" waypoint not working in multiplayer
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When you give a helicopter a "drop cargo" waypoint and test the mission in multiplayer with more then one client connected then the cargo is not unloaded. The helicopter moves down and the cargo touches the ground (or in the attached mission water) but the ropes are still connected to the cargo. {F25793}


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Sling Loading
Steps To Reproduce
  1. sling load assault boat to Huron via scripting command
  2. set "drop cargo" waypoint for Huron
  3. test it in editor/sp/mp with one client/mp with more then one client

(no dedicated server was used)

my results:
editor - working
sp - working
mp with one client - working
mp with more then one client - not working, helicopter goes down and boat touches water but is still sling loaded

see the attached mission

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The same is also true for the command setSlingLoad. If you check with getSlingLoad afterwards it reports nullObject but the boat is still attached.

I use this as a workarround:

ropeCut [_x, 5];

} forEach ropes heli;

It's also not working in singleplayer. I've attached a supply box to the Huron using the cargo lift module. However when reaching the drop cargo waypoint the chopper flies in huge circles around not dropping the cargo of course.