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Long-range Distance scope + night vision = bad
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Hello this is the first time i summit a problem and i can't speak english very wel but i will try my best.

i always have a problem when i'm on long distance at night because i can use my night vision when i'm walking but when i look through my scope my night vision go's away. i have seen my vid's about the military Sniper's and they have another attachment in'front of there scope's some kind on Night vision system.

now my request is can we have/get something like that for a long-distance scope


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make a night mission activate night-vision and try to look through SOS or lrps scope

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again sorry for my bad English

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As far as I know, some scopes cannot be used with NVG on in reality.
I'm not sure if it's true though.

i realy don't know.

but i think it wil be very helpfull at long distance for an Sniper