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doGetOut/unassignVehicle possible issue
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The doGetOut-unassignVehicle combination commands seem to work properly ONLY for the driver or pilot position. Any other positions, including gunners in static or backpack deployed weaponry, seem to be unaffected.

I am not sure if it is an ownership issue or I am using improper code. I am attaching a repro mission for quick reference in case investigation is needed.



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Steps To Reproduce

Start the Mission in Multiplay environment and spawn as player.
Esc and in the console "Execution" section copy the line below.
if ( vehicle player != player ) then {unassignvehicle player; dogetout player;}

In the "Watch" section below place the following in separate lines:

vehicle player != player

assignedVehicle player

Currently they should show "false" and "<NULL-Object>"

Next, take the pilot or a driver position, open the console and watch the changes. Now click on the Local exec button and watch the player dismounting properly.
Next, take a gunner, copilot or passenger position and repeat above actions.
Note that the player gets unassigned from the vehicle (as the second watch line code shows) but does not dismount.

Please let me know if you need any further info.

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