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Zeus Save Feature
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The introduction of Zeus has almost made the standard editor obsolete. Our gaming group has found that a mission that takes 10 minutes to make in Zeus is just as fun as a mission that takes 3 hours to code in editor.

Zeus also gets around any silly bugs or unexpected slip-ups in that the editor can fix the mission on the fly, or change the mission altogether.

However, there are times when a mission might span a few separate play sessions and we want basic things like enemy bases, enemy positions, respawns, loadouts, weather to be preserved.

If you could make a mission in Zeus, save it, and load it in at a later time, that would save a lot of time.

I know that you can create a zeus module within the editor and set up your bases that way, but this feature is very tacked on as the Zeus is unable to edit any objects unless they were placed in game. ie. the Zeus cannot edit editor objects.


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Create a Zeus mission and try to save it.

Create a mission in the editor with a Zeus module, place some units, start the mission as the Zeus and try to move/edit the units.

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Duplicate of

A Zeus-like-3D editor is already under development and will be released in 2015.

But, with a script, it is possible to save all Zeus placed objects.

If you are interested, I can write down the workaround.

  1. Get MCC4 Mod
  2. Place objects via Zeus on map
  3. Use scrollmenu to login into MCC
  4. On the bottom right, hit Save/Load
  5. Hit Save All (SQM)
  6. Tab out of the game and open editor and paste the code into it, save it as misison.sqm
  7. Create a folder and put in the sqm file, call the folder (e.g. MyMission.Stratis) and move it in the missions folder in the arma directory or documents folder
  8. Have fun!