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AI not reacting to fire
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AI not reacting to fire, even if I'm very close.

Here's what happened:
I was playing the single player mission "Resurgent West" of the "Win" campaign.

My objective was to secure some defenses located east of Neochori city.
I've approached from the south-west climbing up the little hill with the AA tank on it.
Then I see three enemies, I start shooting but they don't react at all.
I kill two of them (then the autosave starts since the game thought I had successfully secured the place completing the objective), but there is still another AI alive.
I start recording, I shoot and the AI doesn't react. Just waits to be killed, and that's what happens!

I've attached also the .rpt file!

Here's the video but unluckily, due to the autosave, I've recorded only the death of the last enemy:

If you need another video, I'll try playing again the mission with the same approach!



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I'm not sure about how to reproduce it!

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oukej added a comment.Apr 3 2015, 1:01 PM

Thanks for the report.

It seems that the AI got stuck on another target. (could've been a higher priority target)

Anomalies like this can happen, it's hard to tell without actually debugging the exact situation.

If you find more info or are able to reliably reproduce the situation, let us know!

I will for sure, thanks :)

About priorities > My advise (for 100 time) is to set highest priority for orders, next for objects (obstacles, houses etc.) THEN enemies. This will fix Driving issues and, like this one AI freezing