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AI Goes Into Combat Mode On Mission Start
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Been running stable branch and ever since 1.40 was released, on some mission starts (in the editor at least) units seem to start in combat mode. That means they're lying down on start, break ambient animations and patrols tend to leave their pattern and run around screaming, not to mention vehicles speeding off road like hell. Within the first few seconds of a mission they'll calm down again and most (not all) units are going back to normal. Patrols are still not returning to their safe walk, instead they continue their patrols with weapons at the ready. I first observed this in a mission with lots of AI but without any enemy on the map.

It also seems to rely on the number of AI and objects around. I wasn't able to reproduce this issue in the VR environment but it happened to me every time in the attached repro mission on Stratis.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start repro mission in the editor.
  2. Observe squad in front of you.
  3. They should go into combat mode within the first few seconds in and return back to aware another few seconds later, shouting "all clear".
Additional Information

I have taken two vids to illustrate what's happening in my machine. First one is a "clean" mission with AI and a few civies, surrounded by some ambient objects. Second video is a compialtion of two WIP missions, from which one runs on several mods. Also provided a repro mission.

First vid:

Second vid:

Repro mission download:

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We've found out that a palette colliding with a tent was the root of all evil. Seems the AI somehow sensed the palette cracking and imemdiately went to COMBAT mode. While this ticket might not refer to a bug it's certainly important to tweak this AI behaviour and make it more believable.

Follow the discussion here:

Thank you for the report!

Will be fixed in the upcoming dev branch.

Thank you for helping us improve the game!