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Strider commander turret issues
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The strider commander turret has no stabilization at all and when the vehicle is tilted, the view remains level while the controls behave relative to the vehicle (see screenshots).
Turning the view horizontally leads to the camera performing a transversal or diagonal movement. This is counter intuitive and further increases the difficulty of keeping a (moving) target in view, even when the vehicle has stopped.

The commander turret of the Strider needs to be stabilized and the view should reflect the proper orientation of the vehicle.

Compare the screenshots below: image 1 one shows the Strider standing on a slope, tilted a few degrees to one side. But when looking through the commander optics, the view is perfectly level (image 2).

Images 3 and 4 show a similar scenario.


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Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • open the editor and create a strider with the player as commander
  • pick a target (house, wall, tree) and order the driver to drive around and try to keep the target in view
  • notice the lack of any stabilization
  • order the driver to stop on a slope and observe how the view remains perfectly leveled even though the vehicle is tilted

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Issue persists in latest stable 1.54.33570.

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Issue persists in latest stable (1.7.141838).

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