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Turret elevation indicator on ALL vehicles is broken
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All vehicles are affected, MBT-52 Kuma will serve as an example:
The turret elevation indicator (center left of the gunner view) of the Kuma has a range from +30 to -30 degrees but the turret has only a range of 30 degrees total (-10 and +20). When changing the turret elevation, it reaches the maximum possible elevation (negative or positive), but the indicator continues to increase until it reaches 30 (positive or negative respectively).

The indicator is also off, i.e. the 0 degree indication is approximately + 10 degrees relative to the tank's chassis.

Expected behavior:
The elevation indicator should show only the elevation the turret can actually reach (+20 and -10 degrees). The indicator should also be relative to the tank's chassis, a newly spawned Kuma starts with the turret elevated +10 degrees, so the indicator should also show +10 not 0 degrees.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • open the editor
  • create a Kuma with the player as gunner
  • "Preview"
  • notice the elevation indicator showing 0.00 degrees, although the turret is elevated to an angle of +10 degrees
  • move the turret up and down, notice the change on the elevation indicator even though the maximum or minimum elevation has been reached

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