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AFM collective settings differ from Standard
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As everyone is aware the Standard Flight Model had an issue where the collective had to have both X+ and X- bound to Collective Raise (analog) to make throttles work for more than 50% of the range.

The above mentioned issue with Standard model was answered by BIS as "being a legacy code issue" and that the workaround described above was the only way to deal with it. See Issue 0006888

Also, it reduces the amount of down collective so that you can not lose altitude as fast as if you were using the keyboard.

Now we have Advanced Flight model where it works with X- bound to Collective Raise (analog) and X+ bound to Collective Lower (analog) as it should be.

Well, now that it works with Advanced Flight Model can we please change so that the Collective inputs for Standard match the ones for AFM. It is quite tiring having to set Collective settings every time you want to switch between flight models.


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce

Plug in any Thrustmaster or Saitek joystick or throttle.

Set AFM with Collective Raise (analog) bound to X- and Collective Lower (analog) bound to X+. Switch to Standard Flight Model and only the top 50% of the range works.

Additional Information

PLEASE make AFM and SFM match on collective settings!

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How long does it usually take before BI looks at these?

1.46 and still no fix.

With a lot of mods you have to switch between AFM and SFM all the time, so it would be handy if we could at least leave the controls the same...

And please, the AFM setup is right, not the SFM.

Collective Rise (Analog) needs to be the +side and Collective Lower (Analog) should be the -side.

It seems this could be patched quite simply.

One way you could fix this is read which Axis has been mapped to Collective Raise (analog) and Collective Lower (analog) when someone switches to SFM and remap both the + and - to Collective Raise (analog). Likewise, when the user switches back to AFM, automatically remap the + and - mapped to Collective Raise (analog) back to the two separate Raise (+) and Lower (-) commands.

Another way would be to have two sets of mappings, one for SFM and one for AFM, so that in SFM you could have the axis + and - both mapped to Collective Raise and in AFM have them mapped separately to Raise and Lower. It's possible that some people might like to vary other mappings when changing between AFM and SFM too (no need to use a joystick button as Trim for example), so this might be the most useful fix and shouldn't be any harder to implement than the other idea.