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Fake reloading/ disapearing magazinies
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There is often really frustrating bug occuring randomly while gameplay. If your magazine is empty, or sometimes event it dont must be empty and you hit (R) key - reload animation will start, and when reloading will be done, you will have empty magazine. And if you press reload key nothing will happen, just with every pressing (R) magazines will start disapearing, for every (R) hit, one magazine. If you rearm some magazine, it will not hep, you need to restart mission.


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Just play, shoot much, reload more. Try to use your CPU maximal, then it should occur fastest.

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Voted up. I encounter this error a lot.


Problem is how to reproduce that. This is happening totally randomly

I played as a default sniper and it occurred with the opfor sniper rifle.

Yes, this is hapening with all weapons.

Can confirm. It happens so randomly it's really hard to catch the pattern. At the same time it's a really rare bug.

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Happened to me yesterday (14.03.2015) in the infantry showcase after reloading at the first checkpoint (first contact with the enemy).

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