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blurred buildings on ultra video setting?
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When I started playing Arma 3, back in April 2014, I played on the same video settings as now, but one thing has changed, a lot of building textures are blurred out even though I'm not further than 300 meters away from them, this is a big deal for me since I like a game to be good looking at all times, as well as people could potentially hide in these buildings and shoot at me, without me being able to spot them.
Only way for me to be able to get the buildings rendered, is to zoom in, aim or use binoculars on the buildings. {F25720} {F25721} {F25722} {F25723}


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Koala added a comment.Mar 9 2015, 5:48 PM

I don't think, that this is an issue for a ticket. I more think, that you need to tweak your video settings.

Go into your General video settings and set your textures to ultra. Check the result.

Still blurry?

Go into your AA & PP video settings and set Depth of Field to 0 (zero).

By the way: Did you really vote for your own ticket?

I bet if you just watch directly at those buildings they won't be blurry. Or increase your object detail settings. There are so many stuff in the screen that some of them needs to be on lower LOD to save performance.

Zoom in the buildings that you think enemy is like you said. 3rd person might be a small problem also.

I have tried with everything on Ultra, still no difference.

Koala added a comment.Mar 9 2015, 6:47 PM

In the KotH game mode you have a player menue. Set your view distance to 2000 or 3000 and tell us, if that changes something.

I just took the screenshot while I was on KoTH, but it doesn't matter whether I'm in the editor or any multiplayer game.

Koala added a comment.Mar 9 2015, 9:18 PM

That is strange. I took my time, logged in on a KotH server and went to your position in Kavala. I took five screenshots with texture settings from low till ultra.

I compared the pictures with the one, you've posted. A little difference is, that I don't use the sharpen settings and a view distance of 3000 on foot.

My result: Your texture settings seems to be only high and not ultra.

Just take a look at my uploads, download them and compare for yourself.

If you look at the office building next to tower 4, you can't look through the windows along the stairs, which is a common place for people to sit in.
That is my "issue" with this, because when I started playing Arma a year ago, back in april '14 I could sit everywhere in Kavala and look through all windows without them having a blurred out texture.

PS. I appreciate your effort in trying to help :)

Koala added a comment.Mar 9 2015, 10:42 PM

As you can see on my picture with textures set to ultra, I can see, who is running around and camping inside the office bulding (stairway and small rooms).

From my point of view, there are no issues with the buildings.

Can you please post a screenshot of your video options?

I am sure you wouldn't be able to see someone move on the stairs.

Koala added a comment.Mar 10 2015, 6:54 AM

Ah, now I see, what the problem is. From that position, you can't see anybody in the stairway, if you don't focus the building. If you focus the building, you can see them.

I alway play on hardcore servers with forced first person so the problem never occurred for me. It seems, that the level of detail changes for no reason in third person.

Maybe rename the ticket to something like that.

I posted another picture (I recreated the scene with ZEUS so I ignored the double tower in the background). Here you can see the stairway and little pixels of men.

I can see it on your picture, but I just had a game on KoTH where it was the same as in the first picture I posted, sadly.

I just added two new pictures, showing how it seems to be working, or rather bugging out for me, note the view distance + object draw distance, seems to be related.
I tested on all ranges, and the buildings literally changed their appearance when I stood in that once spot, and changed my object distance.