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People and vehicles floating because ground below cant render?
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I have seen this problem both in single player and multiplayer, but it is most common in multiplayer games, I have seen it both in AltislifeRPG and King of The Hill games.
Sometimes you are looking at a person or a vehicle, everything looks fine, but if you are shooting at them, you are hitting the ground, since it isn't rendered in front of them.


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I have tested running the game with everything on ultra in my video settings, and it didn't change anything.

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*not an engine bug, visual - environment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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That is a game mode related "issue".

In your game mode related "player menue" are different view distance settings for Altis Life or King of the Hill. Every single view distance has its own soft coded object and terrain detail setting. Those settings can not be overwritten by your personal video render settings. You can test it for yourself, if you switch through those view settings and compare the scene.

This is not an Arma 3 vanilla issue. Maybe write a message to the creators of the mods (KotH -> "Sa-matra" / Altis Life -> "TAW Tonic" or "Seal Team Sloth").

This has happened in the campaign for me as well, and my view distance and view distance for objects is set to the same.
this has only happened once in the campaign and might just have been an odd occurrence.
But could sound like it's an game mode issue.

Can happen in single player as well, for instance in the editor. I think there is a related ticket on this subject that explains it better, you might want to try and find it.

Go to graphic settings and set Terrain detail to ultra > problem gone

well, everything is ultra already.