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I have a question about the Secondary Weapon function key in the controls menu.
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After watch the Marksman DLC stream today I noticed all the key binds that are in the game. One in particular stood out to me which is the "Secondary Weapon key switch." Does this mean that you will be creating a new slot for a second weapon? Or will you convert the launcher slot into a secondary weapon slot so if I wanted I can carry a MX in the primary slot, a MK20 in the secondary slot and a pistol in the handgun slot? {F25715}


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Secondary weapon is the launcher. Just check in the dev branch how it works.

It's been there since OFP or ArmA 1, I just saw it in ArmA 1 yesterday. It brought out my binoculars though.
Also, yeah, this should be on the forums.

Please use the official forums for these questions, this site is mostly to report bugs.

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