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"Too many virtual memory blocks requested" Every single time i try to complete the mission.
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I'm playing the Arma 3 campaign mission "Attention Deficit", im about to get to the rendezvous by crawling to avoid getting shot by armoured vehicles. Every single time i reload the mission, the game, steam, or even my whole computer, i will get a little way towards the point, then the game will crash and show this message. My fps is dropped to 16 when i reload the mission, even though im playing with an Intel i7 3770k, and a gtx 980. I've even set all the graphics down and it does nothing. It just keeps crashing.


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Game Crash
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Play Attention Deficit, once you have to make it to the rendezvous point you will encounter two armoured vehicles. the only way to get past is to either blow them up or sneak down the hill. Due to the fact i was out of AT missiles, crawl down the hill instead. While crawling, or at least making your way down the hill, it will crash every single time.

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I've posted this issue on the sub reddit, and the steam community. I have looked for possible solutions everywhere but i can't find any "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" crashes related to my problem.

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How much RAM do you have?