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Hatchback sports RPM fluctuates and max speed lower
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Since patch 1.40 hatchback sports' RPM will rev up and down when you get near 150KM/h. The RPM indicator ingame shoots up and down and the car sounds weird. The car also maxes out around the 150Km/h mark.

I have had some people complain about it in-game and some people are saying they work fine. I also left the game and went to the editor and placed a new hatchback sport, made sure it was not damaged at all, and drove it and it was still slow.

Update: This is not happening to every player. I have had some say it goes slow, and others say the car works fine.


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Windows 7
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Drive a hatchback sport

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Realized it was a conflict with one of my mods, Blastcore.

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