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Mouse coordinate tool on map splits the Y-series into two.
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While you have map open and move your mouse around, you can see the map coordinates next to the mouse cursor. The Coordinates get split in the middle of the Y-series. The X-series is shown fine.

Current situation:
045603 <--- X-series and two first numbers of Y-series
56 <--- two last numbers of Y-series.

How it should be:
0456 0356 <--- Both coordinates show on the same line. Preferably with a space between them.

0456 <--- Each series has its own line.
0356 {F25676} {F25677}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Isola di capraia community made map. (Others too, but this is a good example)
  2. Go play and check the map coordinates using the map and the mouse cursor.
Additional Information

Perhaps the grid readout line could be made longer to support maps with 4X and 4Y cords.

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I don't exactly understand what the issue is.
On the top of the mouse cursor, you have the grid number.
All 6 digits show, with no space in between them.
At the bottom of the cursor is the height/z-axis...
I'm on the dev branch though.

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Damn. I was somewhat wrong. It only affects some community made maps that have a 4-X and 4-Y digit redouts. Changed the ticket to reflect this.